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Data Protection Notice

Data protection notice of Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH (hereinafter “Bosch” or “We” or “Us”) is delighted about your visit to our internet pages and mobile applications (together also referred to as "Online Offers") and about your interest in our company and our products.


1    Bosch respects your privacy

The protection of your privacy throughout the course of processing personal data as well as the security of all business data is an important concern to us. We process personal data that was gathered during your visit of our Online Offers confidentially and only in accordance with statutory regulations.

Data protection and information security are included in our corporate policy.


2 Controller

Bosch is the controller responsible for the processing of your data; exceptions are outlined in this data protection notice.

Our contact details are as follows:

Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Ring 5-7

85630 Grasbrunn, GERMANY

 +49 89 6290-0


3    Collection, processing and usage of personal data

Personal data consists of all information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, this includes, e.g. names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, contractual master data, contract accounting and payment data, which is an expression of a person's identity.

We collect, process and use personal data (including IP addresses) only when there is either a statutory legal basis to do so or you have given your consent to the processing or use of personal data concerning this matter, e.g. by means of registration.

We and service providers commissioned by us process your personal data for the purpose of license activation and administration.

If you wish to use/access benefits that require the formation of a contract, we request that you register. Within the scope of the registration we collect personal data necessary for the formation and the fulfillment of the contract (e.g., first name, last name, date of birth, email address, if applicable, details on the preferred payment method or on the account holder) as well as, if applicable, additional data on a voluntary basis. Mandatory statements are marked with a *.

Every time you use the internet, your browser transmits certain information which we store in so-called log files.

We save log files for a short time solely to determine disturbances and for security reasons (e.g., to clarify attack attempts) and then we delete them afterwards. Log files which need to be maintained for evidence purposes are excluded from deletion until the respective incident has been completely resolved and may, on a case-by-case basis, be passed on to investigating authorities.

Log files are also used for analysis purposes (without or without complete IP address).

In log files, the following information in particular is being saved:

        IP address (internet protocol address) of the terminal device which is being used to access the Online Offers

        Internet address of the website from which the Online Offer has been accessed (so-called URL of origin or referrer URL)

        Name of the service provider which is used to access the Online Offers

        Name of the files or information accessed

        Date and time as well as duration of retrieval

        Amount of data transferred

         Operating system and information on the internet browser used including add-ons installed (e.g., Flash Player)

        http status code (e.g. “Request successful” or “File requested not found”)

This Online Offer is not for children under 16 years of age.

Your personal data is principally forwarded to other controllers only when required for the fulfillment of a contract, in the case where we or the third party have a legitimate interest in the transfer, or when your consent has been given. Third parties may also be other companies of the Bosch group. When data is transferred to third parties based on a justified interest, this is explained in this data protection notice.

Additionally, data may be transferred to other controllers when we are obliged to do so due to statutory regulations or enforceable administrative or judicial orders.

We have commissioned external service providers with tasks such as sales and marketing services, contract management, payment handling, programming, data hosting and hotline services. We have chosen these service providers carefully and review them regularly, especially regarding their diligent handling of and protection of the data that they have saved. All service providers are obliged to maintain confidentiality and to abide by the statutory provisions. Service providers may also be other Bosch group companies.

We can also transfer personal data to recipients located outside the EEA in so-called third countries. In such cases, we ensure prior to the transfer either that the data recipient provides an appropriate level of data protection (e.g., due to a decision of adequacy by the European Commission for the respective country or due to the agreement based on so-called EU model clauses with the recipient) or that you have consented to the transfer. Your personal data related to this web service is hosted in the US.

You are entitled to receive an overview of third country recipients and a copy of the specifically agreed-to provisions securing an appropriate level of data protection. For this purpose, please use the statements made in the Contact section.

Principally, we store your data for as long as it is necessary to render our Online Offers and the services connected to them or for as long as we have a justified interest in storing the data (e.g., we might still have a justified interest in postal mail marketing upon fulfillment of a contract). In all other cases we delete your personal data with the exception of data we must store to fulfill legal obligations (e.g., we are obliged due to retention periods under the tax and commercial codes to have documents such as contracts and invoices available for a certain period of time).

Nevada Privacy Law.

Nevada law requires operators of Internet websites which collect certain items of personally identifiable information to establish a designated request address through which a Nevada consumer may submit a verified request directing the operator not to make any sale of covered information collected about the consumer (the "Nevada Privacy Law"). Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH does not currently sell such covered information (as contemplated by the Nevada Privacy Law), but Nevada residents may register an email address to which instructions on how to exercise your “do not sell” right will be delivered if Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH begins selling covered information (as contemplated by the Nevada Privacy Law), in the future. If you are a Nevada resident and would like to register an email with Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH for this purpose, please send an email from the email address you wish to register to with the subject line "Nevada Privacy Law Opt-Out Registration Request".


4    External Links

Our Online Offers may contain links to third party internet pages – by providers who are not related to us. Upon clicking the link, we have no influence on collecting, processing and using personal data possibly transmitted by clicking the link to the third party (such as the IP address or the URL of the site on which the link is located) as the behavior of third parties is naturally outside our supervision. We do not assume responsibility for the processing of such personal data by third parties.


5 Security

Our employees and the companies providing services on our behalf, are obliged to confidentiality and to compliance with the applicable data protection laws.

We take all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure an appropriate level of security and to protect your data that are administrated by us especially from the risks of unintended or unlawful destruction, manipulation, loss, change or unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access. Our security measures are, pursuant to technological progress, constantly being improved.


6 User rights

To enforce your rights, please use the details provided in the Contact section. In doing so, please ensure that an unambiguous identification of your person is possible.

Right to information and access:

You have the right to obtain confirmation from us about whether or not your personal data is being processed, and, if this is the case, access to your personal data.

Right to correction and deletion: 

You have the right to obtain the rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning yourself without undue delay from us. Taking into account the purposes of the processing, you have the right to have incomplete personal data completed, including by means of providing a supplementary statement.

This does not apply to data which is necessary for billing or accounting purposes or which is subject to a statutory retention period. If access to such data is not required, however, its processing is restricted (see the following).

Restriction of processing:

You have the right to demand for    – as far as statutory requirements are fulfilled – restriction of the processing of your data.

Objection to data processing:

You have the right to object to data processing by us at any time. We will no longer process the personal data unless we demonstrate compliance with legal requirements to provide provable reasons for the further processing which are beyond your interests, rights and freedoms or for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

Data portability:

You are entitled to receive data that you have provided to us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format or – if technically feasible – to demand that we transfer those data to a third party.

Right of complaint with supervisory authority:

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. You can appeal to the supervisory authority which is responsible for your place of residence or your state or to the supervisory authority responsible for us. This is:

State Commissioner for Data Protection and freedom of information


Der Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz Baden-Württemberg
Königstraße 10a
70173 Stuttgart

Telefon 0711/615541-0
Telefax 0711/615541-15

7    Changes to the Data Protection Notice

We reserve the right to change our security and data protection measures if this is required due to technical development. In such cases, we will amend our data protection notice accordingly. Please therefore observe the current version of our data protection notice, as this is subject to change


8 Contact

If you wish to contact us, please find us at the address stated in the "Controller" section.

To assert your rights and to notify data protection incidents please the following link:

For suggestions and complaints regarding the processing of your personal data we recommend that you contact our data protection officer:

Data Protection Officer
Information Security and Privacy (C/ISP)
Robert Bosch GmbH
Postfach 30 02 20
70442 Stuttgart


9 Effective date: 10.11.2020







一、          我们如何收集和使用您的个人信息

二、          我们如何保护您的个人信息

三、          我们如何存储、跨境传输您的个人信息

四、          我们如何共享、转让、公开披露您的个人信息

五、          您的权利

六、          Cookies和同类技术的使用

七、          APP的使用

八、          第三方在线服务

九、          未成年人保护

十、          本政策如何更新

十一、   如何联系公司


一、 我们如何收集和使用您的个人信息


1.         您须授权给我们处理您的个人信息的情形

(1)      账户注册、登录和验证

【为了实现您使用我们产品或服务的基本功能】, 您需要注册我们的账户。当您在注册账户时,您需要向我们提供您的【姓名、电话号码、电子邮件(用于验证)】。

(2)      产品支持和售后服务

【为了向您提供产品订单查询以及售后服务,保障您的交易安全】,我们将会获取您的【订单信息】。当您与我们的客服人员联系要求我们【变更配送地址、联系人或联系电话】,我们可能需要您提供给出上述信息外的其他信息与您验核您的身份,包括您的【姓名、电话 】。

(3)      调研、问卷、广告和订阅

为了【分析用户数据和研究,升级我们的产品和服务并向您推送我们的广告及产品宣传】,我们可能邀请您参与我们的【市场调研和线上活动】。您在参与活动时可能向我们提供您的【照片或视频】。您在填写调查问卷或接受我们的广告推送时时可能会向我们提供您的【姓名、邮箱、公司信息 】。

当您选择订阅我们的邮件或者其他资讯时,您可能向我们提供您的【电子邮件、兴趣爱好 】。

(4)      日志信息





           您通过哪个网站访问我们(Referrer URL





           操作系统和所使用的互联网浏览器的信息,包括所安装的附加组件(如Flash Player

           http状态代码(如"重新请求成功 " "未找到请求的文件"


2.         您可选择提供给我们的您的个人信息的情形

(1)      地理位置信息

为了【提升您的用户体验和满足个性化需求】,实现【语言设定、位置设定】功能,我们可能会记录您设备所在的位置信息。当您使用服务时,我们可能会通过 IP地址、 GPS WLAN(如 WiFi )或基站等途径获取您地理位置信息;您在使用服务时提供的信息中可能包含您所在地理位置信息,例如您提供的帐号信息中可能包含的您所在地区信息。


(2)      【其他信息】

3.         我们将可能收集您的敏感个人信息






4.         我们从第三方获取的您的个人信息




(1)       出于安全和防欺诈的目的,针对特定账号、合同交易等服务,在您授权的前提下,通过合法来源核实您的个人信息(如电话号码)。

(2)       我们可能从第三方获取您授权共享的账户信息(【头像、昵称及授权页面提示的其他信息】),并在您同意本政策后将您的第三方账户与您的博世账户绑定,使您可以通过第三方账户直接登录并使用我们的产品与/或服务。

5.         基于合理和其他必要目的收集获取的您的个人信息


(1)    为了与您订立、履行合同所必需;

(2)    履行法定职责或者法定义务所必需;

(3)    应对突发公共卫生事件,或紧急情况下为保护您或他人的生命健康和财产安全所必需;

(4)    为公共利益实施新闻报道,在合理的范围内处理个人信息;

(5)    在合理的范围内处理您自行公开或者已经合法公开的个人信息;

(6)    法律、行政法规规定的其他情形。

二、 我们如何保护您的个人信息

1.        完善的信息安全管理系统




2.        进行安全评估、记录和保存


(1)      处理您的敏感个人信息;

(2)      利用个人信息进行自动化决策;

(3)      委托处理个人信息,向第三方提供个人信息,公开个人信息;

(4)      向境外提供个人信息;或

(5)      其他对个人权益有重大影响的个人信息处理活动。

3.        安全事件处置



三、 我们如何存储、跨境传输您的个人信息

1.        存储地点


2.        跨境传输(需单独同意)         



           接收方名称/姓名:Hepting Manuel







3.        存储期限

我们将在您使用我们的服务期间及达成本政策所述目的所需的必要期限内为您保存您的个人信息, 但法律要求或可更长保存期的除外。如果我们收到您申请注销您的注册账户或可验证的您删除个人信息的请求,我们将依据适用的法律法规规定停止使用,并删除您的个人信息或进行匿名化处理。

四、 我们如何共享、转让、公开披露个人信息

1.        与第三方共享或委托处理


(1)      执法部门、监管机构:依据法律法规的规定、诉讼、仲裁等争议解决需要,或按行政、司法机关依法提出的要求提供给相关机构或团体

(2)      关联公司:为了更好地向您提供我们的服务和产品以及出于业务运营需要,您的个人信息可能会与我们的关联公司共享。为了【向您提供更优质的产品和服务】,我们可能将您的【请填写具体涉及的个人信息】分享给【附属公司或母公司】。

(3)      广告商、广告网络:当您接受我们的广告推送时,委托第三方(如:广告商、广告网络)通过服务、电子邮件或其他方式向您发送营销信息,提供或推广我们或第三方的商品和服务。为实现此目的,我们可能向该第三方分享您的【 日志信息、设备信息和标识符、连接和使用数据、地理位置】信息。如您不希望我们将您的个人信息用作前述广告用途,您可以通过我们在广告中提供的相关提示,或在特定服务中提供的指引,要求我们停止为上述用途使用您的个人信息。

2.        转让


(1)      在获取您的同意授权下,我们会向其他方转让您的个人信息。在此情况下,我们将取得您的单独同意,并告知您接收方的名称/姓名、联系方式、处理目的、处理方式和个人信息的种类。第三方变更对您个人信息的处理目的、处理方式的,将重新取得您的同意;

(2)      当涉及合并、分立、解散或被宣告破产,公司需要将您的个人信息进行转让时,我们将告知您接收方的名称或者姓名和联系方式,并会要求接收方继续依法履行个人信息处理者的义务,保护您的个人信息安全。接收方变更原先的处理目的、处理方式的,应当依法重新取得您的同意。

3.        公开披露


(1)      出于必要原因并事前获得您的单独同意

(2)      基于法律或合理依据的公开披露:包括法律法规规范、法律程序、诉讼或应政府主管部门要求。

五、 您的权利:


1.        查阅、复制、转移您的个人信息

您有权查阅、复制您的个人信息,法律法规规定的例外情况除外。如果您想行使您的个人信息查阅权,您可以依照指引,通过登录【我的账户→账户设置→    】获取对您个人信息的查阅,也可以联系我们查阅或复制您的个人信息。



2.       更正和补充您的个人信息

当您发现我们处理的关于您的个人信息有错误或缺漏时,您有权要求我们做出更正和补充。您可以通过登录【我的账户→账户设置→    】进行修正,也可以通过本政策提供的联系方式与我们获得联系。

3.       删除您的个人信息


(1)      如果我们处理您个人信息的目的已实现、无法实现或者实现处理目的不再必要;

(2)      我们停止向您提供服务或者产品或者保存期限已届满;

(3)      您个人撤回我们收集和处理您个人信息的同意的;

(4)      我们违反法律、行政法规或者违反约定处理您的个人信息的;

(5)      如果您注销了您的个人账户;

(6)      法律、行政法规规定的其他情形。


4.       变更您授权同意的范围



5.       注销账户



6.       响应您的上述请求



(1)      与我们履行法律法规规定的义务相关的;

(2)      与国家安全、国防安全直接相关的;

(3)      与公共安全、公共卫生、重大公共利益直接相关的;

(4)      与刑事犯罪侦查、起诉、审判和执行判决等直接相关的;

(5)      有充分证据表明个人信息主体存在主观恶意或滥用权利的;

(6)      出于维护个人信息主体或其他个人的生命、财产等重大合法权益但又很难得到本人授权同意的;

(7)      响应您的请求将导致您或其他个人、组织的合法权益受到严重损害的;

(8)      涉及商业秘密的。


六、 Cookies和同类技术的使用

1.        我们使用的Cookies



2.        Cookies类别


(1)      技术上必要的Cookie


(2)      技术非上必要的Cookie和追踪机制

除了用于存储您当前隐私设置的Cookie (selection cookie),技术上非必要的Cookies和追踪机制让我们能够为您提供出色的用户体验和定制产品(marketing cookies和追踪机制)。此类Cookie仅在事先征得您同意的情况下才会使用。该Cookie是依照合法权益设置的。


(3)      统计资料工具


转化追踪:如果您通过各自合作伙伴的广告访问我们的网站,我们的转化追踪合作伙伴会将Cookies放置在您的计算机上(“Conversion Cookie”)。通常,这些Cookies的有效期为30天。如果您访问我们网站的某些页面并且Cookies尚未过期,则我们和相关的合作伙伴可以识别出您单击了广告,从而被重新定向到我们的网站。这也可以跨多个设备完成。通过Conversion Cookie获得的信息会被用于编译转化统计数据并记录相应广告点击量与使用转化追踪标签,重定向到网站的用户总数。



a)         Google Analytics

提供者:USA, CA 94043Mountain View, 1600 Amphitheatre ParkwayGoogle Inc.

功能:分析用户行为(页面检索,访问者和访问次数,下载),基于已登录Google用户的跨设备信息,创建匿名用户配置文件(跨设备追踪),使用Google提供的特定目标群组的信息补充匿名用户数据,重新定位,UX测试,转化追踪以及与Google Ads一起重新定位

b)        Monetate

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c)         Tealium

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七、 第三方在线服务


八、 未成年人保护



九、 本政策如何更新




1.         处理个人信息的目的、处理的个人信息类型、个人信息的使用方式发生变化;

2.         个人信息共享、转让或公开披露的主要对象发生变化;

3.         您参与个人信息处理方面的权利及其行使方式发生重大变化;

4.         我们负责处理个人信息安全的责任部门、联络方式及投诉渠道发生变化时;

5.         个人信息安全影响评估报告表明存在高风险时。



十、 如何联系公司